Very Important Notice For Facebook


Recently we wanted to bring this in to your notice that Facebook brought some new changes for all Fb Fan Pages. And this will affect the way Facebook Fan Pages and the news feed communicate with all of us here on Facebook. So if anyone out there from you people haven’t seen most of our Facebook FarmVille Masters Fan Page status updates and news activities then there’s the reason why!
Facebook is an important tool for us to tell you about what’s going on our site and all the FarmVille news that we want to share with you.


So Just to make sure that we all see every bit of our Facebook Status Updates in our Facebook News Feed of our fanpage, please follow these steps:

1. Visit Our Fan Page
2. Hover your mouse over the “liked” button on the page, and make sure that “Show in Newsfeed” is check marked

And we can do this thing with all other Fb Fan Pages we like, Just to know everything they want to share with us!



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