Jade Falls New Buildings


Recent release of new Jade Falls, Now here comes the new market buildings! They aren’t limited edition, but will be permanent to your markets for the duration of Jade Falls.

Some items are available for purchase and they are Jade Playpen, Jade Aviary, Jade Paddock, Jade Aquarium, Jade Pasture, Jade Habitat, Chicken Coop, Hebei Farm House, Floating Restaurant, Gansu Farm House, Village Shop, Okinawan Castle, Tea Garden, Garage, Jade Falls Storage, Orchard, Boat House and the Jade Falls Pagoda.

Here’s the Quick detail about these! Most of these buildings we already know and many of them that need to be built, use the same exact materials and the same exact number of materials. The Tea Garden is your crafting shop, you start with a Jade Storage Cellar and 100 slots, and the Okinawan Castle is the new “Villa” of Jade Falls.




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