Get 6 FREE Farm Cash: FarmVille


Everyday, there are several new cash offers are being displayed in our FarmVille game screen. You think they are fake, But in actual if you do it right they are real and you can earn cash. Just click on them and fill out survey or whatever they ask you to. In the meanwhile, we have 6 farm cash offer below. Remember they are available on regional basis, so not everyone of you can get this. But I suggest you must try. May be you are lucky enough. Click on picture to get free cash.



Remember again, Don’t abuse if you don’t get because they are available on regional basis.



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  1. britta nielsen

    why not me

  2. I’ve played Farmville for 3 years and have never had so much fun. Twelve farms can be a little confusing, but it’s all in the game.

  3. Farmville Game 2 is one of the most entertaining games that played eh .. congratulations to the team that has created. miry atte suarez.

  4. Finally !!!!!!!!! This is the 1st I’ve gotten…thanks :) :) :)

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