FarmVille Mystery Game & Prizes (3rd September, 2012) RELEASED


Farmers, For this week, FarmVille will be releasing the following Mystery Game and Prizes. The bonus prize would be Scholar Cow and it would be rewarded if you win all 6 items and the theme for this week is based on Back To School Event (20FC Per Dart).

FarmVille Mystery Game and Prizes FarmVille Mystery Game and Prizes (2nd July, 2012)


FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes (09.03.2012):

  • FarmVille Crayon Horse
  • FarmVille School House
  • FarmVille Student Chicken
  • FarmVille Teacher Gnome
  • FarmVille Mini Playground
  • FarmVille Apple Fountain
  • FarmVille Scholar Cow (Bonus Prize)
Crayon Horses School Houses Student Chickens Teacher Gnomes Mini PlayGrounds Apple Fountains 
Scholar Cows
(Bonus Prize)



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