FarmVille Jade Falls Free Access Starts


FANS, We Welcome you all to the NEW Jade Falls Farm. Today you can have the free access to the Jade Falls and you will not need any cash to pay. Also note down its rolling out slowly so if you didn’t get the access yet, you will soon.


Everyone of you will get the same farm size and will have the same criteria to start Jade Falls Farm. Following are the information you will be needing while you get into the new farm.

  • 12×12 Jade Falls farm (Plot limitations: 20 land, 8 terrace, 8 water).
  • ZP Zen Points.
  • Bank of 6,000 Jade Coins
  • A Jade Habitat (for animals) with 12/36 parts completed
  • Mountain Palace at 100% ready
  • Tea Garden Crafting Restaurant Level 1 (with 1 Milk Tea recipe 100% ready)
  • New Jade Falls Crafting Recipes
  • 1 Jade Falls Market Stall
  • 1 Jade Falls Storage Cellar
  • Intro Quest
  • Three different types of Jade Falls Fortunes to uncover
  • Access to new Jade Falls crops, trees, animals
  • 3 types of Jade Falls crops: Land, Water, and new Terrace crops.
  • Chapter 2 Quests



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