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Farmers, There are lots of news regarding Jade Falls Farm have going on, We have compiled a Link Guide for you on each and every details on new Asia Farm, So Bookmark this page, we will keep updating the new information like release date, and what more will be included in the Jade Falls farm on this page. So stay Tuned. And check out the details below:


Update Added on 5th June, 2012

FarmVille Jade Aquarium


FarmVille Jade Aquarium FarmVille Jade Aquarium

Farmers, Another update on the Jade Falls Farm, The Jade Falls Aquarium will remain the same and there will not be any change in materials. The materials will include Buoy, Ocean Rock and Filter same as before.

Update Added on 2nd June, 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls Quests Chapter 5

Quests 1: Sulfur So Good

29f39e35dfa8693cac0866bf27e31a8b FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 5 Quests

1. Get 6 Sulfur Vials
2. Harvest 15 Sichuan Pepper
3. Complete 1 Jade Pasture

Reward: Rocket Chicken

Update Added on 1st June, 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls Fortunes and Materials

fee7cf1c2c1a8cc4b3caf5e1b2cb5d90 FarmVille Fortunes and Materials: Jade Falls

Everyone loves to go hunting treasures and when we get so many cool przies, it makes our love more towards hunting. So you should know that in the new Jade Falls Farm, You are not going to uncover only 1 but 3 different types of treasures. We will be needing materials to uncover the treasures which come in many sizes. Look below for more details on what you will be needing and how much of the quantity.

Update Added on 31st May, 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls Quests Chapter 4

Quests 1: The Brush Off

cf678224f3769415f6b62ac31533dc1e FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 4 Quests

1. Get 6 Panda Brush
2. Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo
3. Improve Mountain Temple to level 4

Reward: Panda Sheep

Update Added on 30th May, 2012:

FarmVille Jade Falls Tea House: Complete Guide

d5b80b992378e0bf33256525d6f0a376 FarmVille Tea House for Jade Falls: Complete Guide

Jade Falls is really looking interesting and you can do really different things in the new farm. One of the few exclusive things you can do is crafting some cool recipes on the Jade Falls Farm. Below are some of the recipes, their ingredients (bushels) and requirements of how to make them (star levels). Have a look at them and enjoy the new farm, new place where you would be able to grow new crops.

FarmVille Jade Falls Quests Chapter 3

Quests 1: Best Laid Plans

cf678224f3769415f6b62ac31533dc1e FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 3 Quests

1. Get 6 Boat Plans
2. Harvest 10 Bamboos
3. Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 2

Reward: Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

FarmVille Jade Farm Earn Zen Points

You must be excited to see the upcoming Jade Falls Farm, Most of you are.. We have shown you earlier about the early access, release date and more info. The new farm is full of surprises and We are sure you would like the new farm. Here we have another excited news, we will not be earning XP in the new farm infact you will be earning ZP might stands for Zen Points. We will be starting from level 1 of ZP in Jade Falls. Also by buying stuff from the market and doing routine farming activities help us get ZP’s to level up in the new farm.

The expected ZP level bar is below:

f412d475f3456f1b1ce48cb132b3e1e3 FarmVille Earn Zen Points: Jade Farm

FarmVille Jade Falls Quests Chapter 2

Quests 1: Welcome to Jade Falls

b098c43bdf7b2bebf86aeda442636b3f FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 2 Quests

1. Get 6 Tabi Shoes
2. Harvest 10 Azuki
3. Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 1

Reward: Geisha Ewe & Set of Clothes

FarmVille Jade Falls Quests Chapter 1

Quests 1: A Game of Tiles!

cf678224f3769415f6b62ac31533dc1e FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 1 Quests

1. Get  6 Mahjong Tiles
2. Harvest 10 Sichuan Pepper
3. Complete 1 Jade Aviary

Reward: Red Crowned Crane

FarmVille Jade Falls Plots and Expansions

You must know that in the new Jade Falls Farm, there would be 3 sets of plots i.e., Land Plots, Water Plots, and Terrace Plots.Now you really want to know the information regarding expectations for the maximum no. of plots for each of the farm expansions so below we have mentioned the information in details.

FarmVille Jade Falls Release Date Information

06528136651911c52ea1fb1ffd3ebfc9 FarmVille Jade Falls Release Date and More Info

Everybody must be surprise by the news for sure. Nobody was expecting the Jade Falls farm release so soon but Asia is very near to launch now. According to the sources, The Jade Falls Asia Farm will be releasing between the 3rd and 4th June 2012. Below is the Early access screen for the new farm.

Updated Added on 29th May, 2012:

FarmVille More Jade Falls Unreleased Animals

FarmVille Ardennes Horse FarmVille Ardennes Horse, Dwarf Bluesheep, Crab Eating Mongoose & More Animals: Unreleased Jade Falls FarmVille Crab Eating Mongoose FarmVille Ardennes Horse, Dwarf Bluesheep, Crab Eating Mongoose & More Animals: Unreleased Jade Falls FarmVille Dwarf Bluesheep FarmVille Ardennes Horse, Dwarf Bluesheep, Crab Eating Mongoose & More Animals: Unreleased Jade Falls

FarmVille More Jade Falls Unreleased AnimalsArdennes Horse, Dwarf Bluesheep, Crab Eating Mongoose, Gray Racoondog & Ringed Seal.

FarmVille More Jade Falls Unreleased Buildings

FarmVille Asian Feed Mill FarmVille Asian Feed Mill, Chicken Coop & More Buildings: Unreleased Jade Falls FarmVille Chicken Coop FarmVille Asian Feed Mill, Chicken Coop & More Buildings: Unreleased Jade Falls

More New Building for Jade Falls Farm: Asian Feed Mill, Chicken Coop, Garage, Storage Cellar & Orchard.

Update Added on 28th May, 2012:

FarmVille Jade Falls Cows And Horses

0b8f74325b2e9a55878c5ea1abf8bd6e FarmVille Cows And Horses: Jade Fallsdaa96353c6d1cd258b99cbd26c6b4279 FarmVille Cows And Horses: Jade Falls

FarmVille Jade Falls “Asia Farm”: 6th Farm

FarmVille Lion Dragon1 FarmVille Jade Falls Asia Farm: 6th Farm

FarmVille and Zynga have let one slipped through the cracks, and have revealed the name of the new Expansion, Jade Falls! This is our 6th farm also known as the Asian Farm. This new farm will have all sorts of newdecorations, animals, crops, trees and more.

FarmVille Jade Falls New Farm

FarmVille and Zynga are on the road to releasing the next farm, Jade Falls! Some of the images found tonight show that there will be early access just as before. With early access you will find yourself on a new chapter of quests and will be rewarded with new Jade Falls items.

FarmVille First Look of Jade Falls

We are going to show you a first flash movie for the new Jade Falls. You will be seeing a lot of news regarding what will include in the new farm. Below are two screen capture in which you can see the first look. Enjoy!

FarmVille Jade Falls Farm Characters

ff33cf1a9c9c42cc3a3622ae9b75632b FarmVille Jade Falls Farm Characters: Unreleased

Good to see that everyone is excited with all the news related to the new Jade Falls farm. But don’t forget that its not just fun. We need to work too. And to make us work, we have some helping characters on each farm. Jade Falls is no different too. Have a look with some of the characters that we will encounter in the journey at Jade Falls.

FarmVille Master Lu’s Challenge: Unreleased

 FarmVille Master Lus Challenge: Unreleased

Master Liu from Asia is ready to teach you some new tricks like how to walk through a maze blindfolded. Sounds exciting to me. Here are some placeholder images that we have uncovered for your eyes. Have a look.

FarmVille Jade Falls Unwither Rings

b584f78b87cd92389a0b338403d8e883 FarmVille Unwither Ring: Jade Falls

For the New Jade Falls Farm we have plenty of stuff to do, and also there are lots of crops to grow. But hey, with 3 different types of plots available, will it be possible to keep all our crops properly organized without having them wither? Well, we need not fear that if we have the new Unwither Ring for the Jade Farm. Here are some designs especially for you. Which one are you gonna choose?

FarmVille Jade Falls Breeding Pens

88bbb027d137cfeb4f8f91f475a15bda FarmVille Breeding Pens: Jade Falls

Breeding animals is considered to be the one of the highlight features of the FarmVille game. Continuing its previous trend of introducing a new type of animal breeding pen with each farm, we get to see the Jade Pens/Asian Breeding Pens. Here are some exclusive images of these new buildings and also reworks of some the old animal buildings.

FarmVille Tea House: Jade Falls

 FarmVille Tea House First Look: Jade Falls

You must be wondering what crafting you will get to see in the new Jade Falls farm? Well, here we are going to be making some mouth savoring Tea and some other delicacies too. Here is a preview of the Tea House in its full glory, and also images of the various crafts that we will be expecting to make in the new farm.

FarmVille Jade Falls Unreleased Trees

793ef42ff54836b730e493d2d5a39de4 FarmVille Unreleased Trees: Jade Falls

Good news for the Tree Lovers. There are plenty of colorful new amazing trees sighted which are expected to be available for the upcoming Jade Falls farm.

FarmVille Crops: Jade Falls

5bc82f63f21a387d54aaae1612f8b22e FarmVille Unreleased Crops: Jade Falls

Now more news regarding crops. What would be a farm without crops to plant? Well, we have a variety of new crops to plant in the upcoming Jade Falls Farm. Here are some of them. Have a look.

FarmVille Jade Falls Animals: Unreleased

e680bc8f3562cdc8b3ca7a4828c8ed2f FarmVille Unreleased Animals: Jade Falls

FarmVille Unreleased Animals: Jade Falls include Romantic Panda, Bamboo Eater Panda, Royal Panda, Rocket Chicken, Geisha Sheep & Jade Dragon.

FarmVille Jade Falls Decorations

0e40942c5c9074dbc59f4ed318d67394 FarmVille Decorations: Jade Falls

You really would say “Wow” by seeing these amazing decorations which will include in the new Jade Falls Farm. I really am impressed with some of the designing. Hope you are too. Here are most of them what were found.

FarmVille Buildings: Jade Falls

dc7faf672a4236b3d1fb67bf39fd2674 FarmVille Buildings: Jade Falls

New, exciting and freshly designed buildings await us in the new farm. Surely will add life to the farm when placed with proper planning. For now, check out the images that we have found out just for you.

FarmVille Jade Falls Mountain Temple

acb23a2fd07bf6544b58b7cbe66fe739 FarmVille Mountain Temple: Jade Falls

Jade Falls Farm- The new asia farm coming soon to Farmville. One of the highlights of Farmville has been its ability to have something unique in each and every farm that it has released till date. The same continues even here. In the Jade Falls farm, we will be able to build and view a Mountain Temple on our farm. And surely, you are going to be very much satisfied with the level of detail that has been considered while designing that Temple for the new farm. Below is a preview of the temple in its full glory (allow a few seconds for the animation to load as it’s a big file)

FarmVille Jade Falls Hidden Treasures: Unreleased

 FarmVille Unreleased Hidden Treasures: Jade Falls

Farmers, You remember the various treasures on the Winter and the Hawaii farms that we had to uncover to find some cool treasures? Well, we have 3 different kinds of treasures in Jade Falls too. One for the land, one for the water, and one for the Terrains. Have a look at them. Names for the treasures are just indicatory and are subject to be named differently.

FarmVille Jade Farm Vehicles: Unreleased

 FarmVille Unreleased Vehicles: Jade Farm

New farm, new land, new vehicles. Get ready for a range of new vehicles to be introduced in the Jade Falls farm. Check out some of the unreleased images for these interesting vehicles for the upcoming Jade Falls farm.

FarmVille Buildable Mountain Palace: Jade Falls Farm

FarmVille Buildable Mountain Palace Notice FarmVille Buildable Mountain Palace Unreleased: Jade Falls Farm

FarmVille Buildable Mountain Palace Notice.

FarmVille Currency and Level Up Dialog: Jade Falls Farm

FarmVille Jade Currency FarmVille Level Up Dialog & Currency: Jade Falls Farm

FarmVille Jade Falls Farm Planting Options

FarmVille Jade Falls Planting Options FarmVille Farm Planting Options: Jade Falls

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