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FarmVille REAL California MILK Promo


Zynga and FarmVille have released the Real California Milk Promo. Some Farmers have already spotted the Cali Cow on the news-feed. REAL California MILK is the latest endorsement promo that will allow you to visit and like the sponsor’s Facebook page in order to receive a Cali Cow. So far we have no indication that this will be a U.S. only promo or not.

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FarmVille TURTLE PEN GLITCH Work-A-Round

Friends, Many Players around the world seems to be having issues placing Turtles into their Pens to Breed. The FV Cash and Advanced Patterns will not Breed. Here’s how to Work-A-Round That issue.



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FarmVille Chicken Coop Limit Changes

The last enhancement has started allowing farmers to place an extra Chicken Coop on their farms. The limit now seems to be 2 coops. But you can only place the regular farm coop as the extra one, and not the other farm specific coops as yet.


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FarmVille Animal Totem: Groves for Animals

Zynga and Farmville are going to roll out another new feature which is similar to the Groves. This feature will help get extra mastery points, but this time, its for the Animal Pens. The Animal Totems. Mastery obsessed players are surely going to love it, and it will also help with the quests that require mastery of animals to a certain level.

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FarmVille Sturdy Doghouse: UNRELEASED

FarmVille and Zynga are going to release another new Doghouse very soon i.e., The Sturdy Doghouse. Same as before, you will need to first Build the Doghouse, and then collect Dog Treats so that you can use them to get more new Dogs.

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FarmVille Chain Linked Animals and Trees

FarmVille & Zynga have introduced the Chain Crops for the players, where you master one crop, and then you get access to the next one in the sequence and so on. Well, Farmville is now passing on the same strategy to some newly coded Animals and Trees too. You get the first level animal and tree in the market for coins, and then when you master them to 3 stars to unlock the next animal or tree, and so on. Good thing is that all these animals and trees are for coins.

Below is a chart showing the unlock sequence, and the coin costs for the different Chain Trees and Animals:

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FarmVille Astrology Animals: UNRELEASED

FarmVille and Zynga are going to release some cool animals in the game which includes Capricorn Sheep, Aquarius Duck, Ceres Chicken & Mercury Rabbit. These animals may be part of the Astrology theme.


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FarmVille Glitter Horse, Glitter Sheep & Glitter Dragon Animals: Glitter Items

New animals for the new theme, Glitter Theme have been released. Now you can purchase the Glitter Horse, Glitter Sheep & Glitter Dragon for the limited time period.

Glitter Horse  Glitter Sheep

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FarmVille Turtle Breeding Pen: UNRELEASED

Zynga and FarmVille are going to release another exciting feature i.e., TURTLE BREEDING PEN. Check Out the details below:

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FarmVille Safari Horse, Safari Lion, Silverback Gorilla & More Animals: Safari Items

New building for the new theme, Safari Theme have been released. Now you can purchase Safari Horse, Safari Lion, Silverback Gorilla, Safari Elephant & African Jewelfish for the limited time period.

Safari Horse  Safari Lion Silverback Gorilla

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FarmVille Neon Unicorn, Neon Sheep & Robot Dog Animals: Future Items

New animals for the Future Theme have been released. Now you can purchase the Neon Unicorn, Neon Sheep & Robot Dog for the limited time period.

Neon Unicorn  Neon Sheep

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FarmVille Pink Fairy Stallion, Fairy Corgi, Indian Purple Frog & More Animals: Fairy Garden Items

New animals for the Fairy Garden Theme have been released. Now you can purchase Pink Fairy Stallion, Dandelion Sheep, Fairy Corgi, Indian Purple Frog & Purple Betta Fish for the limited time period.

Pink Fairy Stallion  Dandelion Sheep Fairy Corgi

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FarmVille Cupcake Doghouse: RELEASED

Previously we have told you about the new animal building, Sunshine DoghouseNow we have more doghouses coming soon. Here is one of them.

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FarmVille Baby Nursery: RELEASED

Zynga and FarmVille have started rolling out a new animal building, i.e., A Baby Nursery.

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FarmVille Neon Horse, Hologram Cow & Hover Pod Duck Animals: Future Items

New animals for the new theme, Future Theme have been released. Now you can purchase the Neon Horse, Hologram Cow & Hover Pod Duck for the limited time period.

Neon Horse  Hologram Cow

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